Yoga is a path to the Soul - Serenity, Originality, Union and Love. It’s a path to freedom, joy and creativity, which are our true nature but are often clouded by negative thinking and emotions which we develop from our lived experience. At Swans Nest we use the physical postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), and study of yoga philosophy (svadhyaya) as vehicles to realize our true nature and reach our full potential through choice, effort and discipline. Like a coiled rope that is misperceived as a snake in darkness, we realize that it is only our limited thinking, fear and misperceptions of ourselves which inhibit us from reaching our full potential.

The greatest change we can make in our lives is our perception of our selves. All are welcome at The Nest. Come practice, let's journey together!

- Sean

Frequently Asked Questions

Student Accounts
We use the Wellness Living platform to manage The Nest. Use these links to Log-in or Sign-Up for your student account. Once you’re logged-in, you can book classes from our Pricing & Schedule page or through the Wellness Living platform. You can also use our App to reserve classes - just download the “Swans Nest Yoga, LLC” app for your iPhone or Android device.

Contact Information
Holler at me at with any questions.

Location & Arrival
137 Montrose Avenue, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. Try to arrive between 5-10 minutes before class so we can keep our ducks, er, swans in a row.

Are mats, props, and blankets provided?

Is there a shower?
Yes. Please bring your own towel.

Class Registration and Late Cancellation Policy
You can book and cancel classes directly through Swans Nest Yoga at anytime without penalty. Once classes become full we’ll have to implement a cancellation policy to provide a fair experience to all students. Classpass: . You can book classes through ClassPass 5 minutes ahead of a scheduled class. ClassPass automatically charges you a late cancel fee if you cancel within 12 hours of a class. Sorry, nothing I can do about their cancellation policy.