Swans Nest Yoga was founded on the belief that life is a journey towards the Soul. Through physical practice and self-inquiry - and by combining eternal wisdom from the ancient practice of yoga with our modern day understanding of the world - we find that a committed yoga practice amplifies our inner voice while quieting our fears, helping us pursue the lives we were built to live with increased joy, love and fulfillment. We emphasize the mental well-being aspects of the practice through breathwork, physical practice, and the study of yoga and spiritual teachings. Our welcoming community enjoys our practical approach to the practice that promotes self-exploration and growth without pretension, marketing bullshit, or spiritual materialism. Come practice at The Nest, let's journey together.


The Swan

For thousands of years, across multiple cultures, swans have been symbols of wisdom, creative expression, self-transformation, and self-actualization.  Ultimately the goal of yoga is Self-Knowledge, or union of mind and body with the divine spirit within each of us.  It is through this journey of self-inquiry and self-actualization that we remove our fears and doubts and continually grow towards our full potential.

saraswati 2.jpg

The Goddess

Goddess Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of wisdom, knowledge, music, and creative expression. Saraswati means "essence of one self" and also "the one who flows."  She is often depicted with a swan as her vehicle, representing discernment in separating Truth from illusion.  As part of Bhakti, or devotion, we pay homage to Saraswati through mantra chanting and ceremonial offerings. 

What Ya Need to Know About The Nest

Student Accounts
We use the Wellness Living platform to manage The Nest! Log-in or Sign-Up for your student account here! Once you’re logged-in, you can book classes from our Pricing & Schedule page or through the Wellness Living platform. You can also use our App to reserve classes - just download the “Swans Nest Yoga, LLC” app for your iPhone or Android device!

Contact Information
Holler at me, Sean Moore (founder, teacher, DJ, freestyle rapper, professional email writer) at swan@swansnestyoga.club with any questions, comments, or hate mail.

Location & Arrival
137 Montrose Avenue. Depending on what you think, that’s either Southeast Williamsburg, West Bushwick, Bushwick, East Williamsburg Industrial Park, or my favorite, WilliamsBush. Have at it. Good thing yoga helps us realize labels usually carry less weight than we give them. Try to arrive at least 5 minutes before class so we can keep our ducks, er, swans in a row.

Are mats, props, and blankets provided?
Yes. We provide mats, blocks, straps and blankets.

Is there a shower to cleanse my feathers?
Yep indeed. Please bring your own towel.

Class Registration and Late Cancel
You can book and cancel classes directly through Swans Nest Yoga at anytime without penalty. Once classes become full we’ll have to implement a cancellation policy to provide a fair experience to all students. Classpass: . You can book classes through ClassPass 5 minutes ahead of a scheduled class. ClassPass automatically charges you a late cancel fee if you cancel within 12 hours of a class. Sorry, nothing I can do about their cancellation policy.