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Individual Testimonies

Liz Long Lang

Brooklyn, NY

I feel incredibly grateful to get to work with Sean.  I carry a large burden with me (stage 4 melanoma), however my yoga sessions with Sean have brought me light, peace and an energy that deepens with every class he teaches.  It also has brought me strength and focus. Being able to learn and practice in a small class feels like a privilege and it is, I believe.  Sean is kind, encouraging, and professional but also relaxed at the same time.  I look forward to our weekly sessions and am excited to grow in my practice. If you have the opportunity to take a class with Sean, do it! It's worth it.

Sean is a gifted teacher. His classes somehow manage to be as vigorous as they are gentle and as healing as they are practical.  Like all the best yoga teachers, he’s interested in the whole student and honors where you are while he helps you identify the stuck places that offer potential for growth. Many bonus points for class soundtracks so good they’ll make you forget how silly you look falling out of tree pose.

Orli Van Mourik

Brooklyn, NY

I have practiced different styles of yoga semi-casually, but consistently, for years.  Certain yoga touchstones – like the idea of returning to one’s breath, or creating space within a pose, or dropping in to a flow – are by now familiar concepts to me, and I think I generally understand them on an intellectual level. Most of the time in a class I will hear a prompt, comprehend its meaning, can more or less reproduce the intended movement, and that is where most yoga begins and ends for me. It provides good exercise, much-needed stretching of my creaky back, and the chance to dampen the brain chatter for a conscious hour or so. This is all great of course, and completely worth it. Rarer and deeper than the mental comprehension of these ideas is the experience of my own body as the thing which knows and understands the concept being explained. I don’t mean to suggest that I think I have now reached some newly advanced understanding of yoga based on this realization. Far from it. If that were true, I would probably have a better vocabulary to describe what happens in Sean’s class, and I would also be able to hold tree pose for more than a couple of seconds and fully straighten my hamstrings. I love yoga for its essential physical and psychological benefits, but for me, the flow state, the drop-in, is much more elusive, and a much bigger payoff than an unwavering balancing pose. In the few times that I have practiced yoga with Sean, I got there. I dropped in. I returned to my breath. I found space inside: all the core things that are fundamental to this work, that seem self-explanatory until they’re embodied instead of explained, at which point they become brand new and mind-blowing again. I don’t know what you call this, or why or how it happens. I just recommend you go to Sean’s class, because it happens there. In addition, the playlist is flawless, which never hurts.

Brynn Hatton

College Professor
Williamstown, MA

Shane Jerome

Brooklyn, NY

Sean's small class sizes create a yoga experience unlike anything I've felt before. You are connected with those around you because the class is so small and Sean is able to provide clear direction. Sean does an excellent job of guiding the group through a series of movements that are challenging and restorative. He has the unique ability to push your body further with a gentle touch or push. I recommend Sean's class to anyone that is looking for a yoga experience to be enjoyed with friends.

I've only done yoga a few times before, and others in the class were more advanced to be sure, but Sean was able to give each of us individual attention throughout the class without disrupting anyone else in the process. It made such a difference, because it allowed me to stop worrying about whether I was keeping up, and to focus that energy inward so that I could really listen to only my own body's needs. I felt completely refreshed and centered afterwards, and will definitely be taking his class again.

Lucy Carson

Literary Agent
Brooklyn, NY

I had the best time with Sean who recently led a vinyasa yoga class for my friends and I. His calm demeanor put me at ease right away. I felt like I was hanging out with an old friend.  It made for a relaxed atmosphere which is something you don't always get when practicing yoga at an overcrowded studio.  When the session started, Sean was extremely professional.  Sean led a great and vigorous practice. He tailored the class for our experience level. He made adjustments to our poses when needed. The session felt very personalized and intimate.  I also recommend practicing yoga with a small group of friends. The energy is palpable and makes for a special experience.

Christina Wisboro

Brooklyn, NY