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Sean Moore
Call me Swan! I founded Swans Nest Yoga because I wanted to! Life is easier when you keep things simple and follow that nagging voice in your head and the yearning in your gut. I’ve worked on Wall Street, travelled the world, been / am a DJ and generally have a had a very blessed life. But like many people, I’ve struggled with various levels of depression, anxiety, and finding fulfillment. There’s a teaching in the Rig Veda - an ancient Indian text - that states “Truth is One, Paths are Many”. Yoga has been my path to a deeper connection to myself and an ever evolving understanding of the nature of the Soul. I currently study Ashtanga yoga with Eddie Stern and teach Vinyasa flow classes informed by my Ashtanga practice.  

Kaitlyn Lennon
Kaitlyn is a meditation instructor and Kundalini and Vinyasa yoga teacher.  Having lived with serious autoimmune disease since her teens, Kaitlyn found great relief and renewal through yoga and meditation after struggling for many years with chronic pain, negative body image and disconnection, depression, addictive behaviors and anxiety.  She is passionate about sharing these practical and profound wisdom systems with others as they have transformed and, in many ways saved, her own life.  Kaitlyn holds a 200-hour certification in Radiant Body Yoga, and studies with Kia Miller. She is also a practicing Tibetan Buddhist and draws deeply on the sacred dharmic and yogic technologies in her daily life and teaching.

Samantha Wilensky
Sam is a 550 hour (RYT) certified yoga instructor passionate about helping people find realignment and grounding through yoga, reiki, and conscious conversation. After years of anxiety and feeling insecure, Sam found strength and confidence through her yoga and reiki practices and now strives to make these offerings more relatable and approachable to students through honest and authentic dialogue. Her yoga classes range from upbeat and dynamic to slow and deep based on the needs of the room.

Emily Shapiro
Emily completed 600 hrs with the Nosara Yoga Institute studying under her teachers, Don and Amba Stapleton. She has been teaching in NYC for almost 10 years, while spending her winters practicing/teaching and hosting retreats in Nosara, Costa Rica. She likes to teach a “sweet and moody” Vinyasa flow. When she’s not teaching, she performs weekly with a comedy team at the Magnet Theater in Chelsea. Always dance. Always laugh. 

Kevin Bigger
Kevin Bigger started practicing yoga in his late teens, immediately after a period of massive (less than healthy) weight loss, and just before he (finally) came out of the closet.  As he struggled to adapt to a new physical and emotional reality, yoga provided a pathway to organize the chaos. Over the past fifteen years of study, the practice has continued to be his saving grace.  Kevin completed his RYT-200 training with Boston's Radiant Yoga School (Chanel Luck and Bonnie Argo).  He was later whipped into proper shape in NYC by Schuyler Grant and all of the rad teachers at Kula Yoga Project and currently studies with Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher Nikki Costello.  In addition to his classes, Kevin is also an international teacher trainer, having led dozens of training programs in New York, Connecticut, Oregon, China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam. He teaches in the hopes that his offering affords his students the same benefits and opportunities for growth that he received from his teachers.