Exciting News at The Nest!


Today is the festival of Vasant Panchami - a Hindu celebration that marks the coming of spring and is dedicated to Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom, learning, creativity and the arts and science. During my final week in India last year I visited the Sri Sharadamba Temple in Sringeri to pay homage to the Goddess Saraswati, and she is the deity that I pay daily respects to in the yoga shala through chanting and offerings.  And so it is with great excitement that I share some big news on this auspicious day of celebration....

We're expanding the The Nest! 

As you may have noticed, some of our larger classes already feel a bit cramped, so this expansion will allow 25 students to practice very comfortably and will provide all the space The Nest needs for many years to come!  We'll be doing the renovations in early April, which will consist of removing the wall and the bathroom that separate the yoga room from the entrance room and then replicating the design of the yoga room in the current entrance room.  At that time, students will be able to enter through the main commercial entrance of the building (as opposed to the residential entrance), which will provide better visibility for Swans Nest Yoga and easier access for students.  Suzy will continue to operate Olly Oxen Free out of the building and we'll be working together over the next few months as the needs of our respective businesses continue to change. 

It's a big step for The Nest and I couldn't be more excited to embark on this new phase - it's literally a dream coming true!  But like all dreams that forge into reality, this will take a good amount of work, resources, and partnership. 

In the next 2-3 weeks I'll be launching a crowdfunding campaign targeting approximately $15,000 to help fund the expansion of The Nest and will ask all those who are interested in being part of the community to share the crowdfunding campaign with their networks so that we have the greatest chance of achieving our funding needs.  Related to our funding requirements, please note a slightly condensed / modified schedule over the next 2 months as I take some days to work on the expansion and conserve funding ahead of the upcoming capital investment.  We will add new teachers and class offerings to the schedule as we can afford to and will continue to host teachers for various workshops and events.  

I developed the concept of Swans Nest Yoga during my 2 months of study in Mysore, India exactly one year ago.  In writing this note, I reconnected with my original vision for the mission and values of Swans Nest Yoga.  The first mission statement I ever wrote was "Swans Nest Yoga:  A Yoga School for Seekers of the Soul."  And that's exactly what we're going to be.  Through the practice of yoga, exploration of philosophy and spiritual disciplines, creative events and the fun, inquisitive, joyful nature of anyone that wishes to practice at The Nest, we will build a community of individuals that supports each other's uniqueness and promotes the full expression of each human soul.  And we will do so with kindness, vigor, humility, authenticity, humor, open-minds, and free-spirits!

It's been a pleasure getting to know and practice with each of you over the last 6 months and I look forward to embarking on this new phase with anyone that wants to continue to be a part of this community. 

We'll be hosting an open house next Sunday, February 17th to celebrate this exciting milestone and bring the community together. 
Exact time TBD in the next 1-2 days.  Drinks and light appetizers will be provided, along with music and general revelry.  Please feel free to bring friends and drinks!

Thank you again for all the time, dedication, and energy you have brought to The Nest - it's now time to fly a little bit higher!

So'ham Hamsah,