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The Masculine and Feminine: An Introduction to the Dual Energies that Reside Within Us All

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Join us for an introduction and exploration of how masculine and feminine energies that reside in all of us affect our psyche and lived experience. See below for some insight into the context of the workshop from Karl and his bio.

As modern people, we tend to live in our own heads. We allow the downward pull of our environment and other humans to determine the trajectory of our lives. We understand little about ourselves, and human nature in general because we take our cues from everything outside of ourselves, instead of listening to the primal forces that reside within.

All people, whether you self-identify as a man or a woman, possess masculine and feminine energy. A balanced, fulfilled, resilient, and indomitable person is one who has learned to marry both these base energies within themselves.

Do you procrastinate? Do your energy levels rise and fall seemingly at random throughout the day? Do certain people make you feel anxious for some unknown reason? Are you trying to leave your job, but you just can’t seem to muster the energy or the courage? Does an ex or current romantic partner occupy significant space in your head? An exaggeration of energy is evidence of a masculine/feminine imbalance.

In this workshop, we’ll graph the anatomy of your personal masculine/feminine nature and we’ll explore areas in your life where you tend to become imbalanced, so you can fix it.

Karl Jackson
Karl Jackson is a teacher and writer who helps people overcome unwanted patterns and transcend spiritual turmoil. His methodology consists of breath-work, meditation, and reflection. He writes workshops and courses across various topics, such as temptation, shame, addiction, and nature of the human shadow. These courses are intended to provide knowledge and tools to overcome matters which perpetually tempt the human soul. Karl believes every person has the power to direct his or her own life, and certain tools place us in the driver’s seat of our destiny. His teachings focus on disseminating such tools in an effective and direct manner. Karl is a student of Kundalini yoga and he is currently working to complete his first book on balancing masculine and feminine energy.