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Bird & Friends - Cosmic Unity

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Join us for a night of improve comedy at The Nest! Swans Nest students can register through their Wellness Living account / Swans Nest app.

In "Bird and Friends - Cosmic Unity," veteran improviser Michael Bird creates an improv show with the audience...where anybody watching can jump into Bird's set at anytime. That means if YOU are currently reading this, YOU could jump into Bird's improvised universe.

In the past, in addition to other improvisers, Bird has been pleasantly surprised to have dancers, rappers, musicians, and people who have never performed improv join him from the audience. Whatever your spirit of play, if you're so inspired, Bird would love to have you join his cosmic universe of improv.

Bird and Friends - Cosmic Unity has been featured in over 26 comedy festivals across the U.S. and world including India, Montreal, and the Philippines.